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94 & sick as hell but still has a smile on her face

94 & sick as hell but still has a smile on her face

A month ago my 94 year old great grandma fell in the bath tub. She said she was just short of breath and fainted. My family took her to the hospital they said she was fine & doing great. The day she got home she got a cold & these bad bruises on her arms. The doctor said it was just a cold people get sometimes when they first leave the hospital. Because there are allot of sick people and germs there.

As time went on she grew weaker, tired & refusing to eat. To make matters worst she couldn’t breathe well & these bruises got worst. My grandma took my great grandma to 4 different doctors and they all said the same thing ” it’s a cold”. Refusing to take that for a answer my grandma and tio ( uncle ) took my great grandma to the hospital.

As we were there they admitted her and did tests. On September 23rd my whole world crashed around me. The test came back that my great grandma has congestive heart failure. Each day she will get weaker sicker sleep all day till eventually she stops breathing.

My great grandma is dying & each day my heart hurts and breaks a little more for her. I have had an amazing 24 years with her. And I selfishly want 24 more but I know that won’t happen. My great grandma has lived an amazing 94 years of life.

She had 15 kids and 110 great grand kids in 5 different generations. I am in the 4th generation bracket. My family is so blessed to have a bunch of family around. I never got the chance to say goodbye to my great grandpa. I resented my family for years for that. But eventually grew out of that resentment. My great grandma is on hospice care. It’s a program that keeps you comfortable during your transition into death.

I am so happy that I have the honor to be at my great grandma side during her last days here on this earth. She is a strong stubborn lady so death won’t take her that quick. But each and every day I treasure with her is amazing. My page is going to be for my great grandma and her journey to be reunited with my great grandpa after being apart for 18 years. It’s going to be about her life on this earth and her journey home to heaven. My heart breaks every day thinking about it.

But I know she will be in better place. She’s not even gone yet and I miss her so much. But I stay strong for her and I do my best to be there for her always till her very last breathe.

She said she wanted 3 things for me to do 1. Wear color dress & braid to her funeral she loved me in braids as a kid and in color too so im doing that for her. 2. She wanted me to sing amazing grace at her funeral I will do my best too. & 3 she won’t tell me she said she wants me to know after she dies. My family knows and says it’s big and I have allot of thinking to do.

But… for now i am enjoying every time I have with her. I love you so much grandma always