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A New Beginning

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Today we laid an amazing father & friend to rest today my heart is broken that i will never see this man again for as long as i live. I never had a dad growing up & he was like a father to me. I will never forget his amazing singing voice, the laughter & jokes & undying love for every one & anyone in his life. There was never a dull moment around this man he always lit up the room. He is an inspiration to me & allot of people out there this mans funeral was more like a going away party then a sad ending. This amazing man died unexpectedly & i so sad that i didn’t get to have one last hug from this beautiful soul. This man was suppose to give me away at my wedding he was suppose to sing at it too. But it doesn’t bother me he is singing in the best choir ever up in heaven with Jesus. His mom yes that’s right his mom told me in a happy tone of voice ” Krystal guess what honey child. My baby boy is singing with Jesus.” I nearly cried my eyes out. So there you go sir flying in the sky jamming out with Jesus i look forward to getting that hug from you & kiss on my forehead next time we meet again. Until then Rest In Peace Percy Lewis Jr i miss you already & will always love you. 

Ps when i get a job one of the first things i am going to do with my saved up money is get this tattoo for you. I can hear you already making jokes & getting mad at me lol. But i don’t care i love you always. Rest Easy ” Dad” <3. 

  -  14 July, 2014

My whole life I grew up with out a dad in my life. So I substituted special male figures in my life to be like a father to me. Today I lost this amazing man. Who was like a father to me in meny ways. He was caring, strong, giving, kind & had a heart of gold. For my 16th birthday my mom couldn’t afford to make a quince for me. This man paid for my quince to happen. When I was very sick in the hospital awaiting to get surgery in 2008. This man came to visit me & hold my hand threw the pain. He has been there for me more then my own dad. I will forever always have you and your amazing singing voice in my heart. You were not biologically my dad but I feel like I just lost my dad. Rest in peace Percy Lewis Jr we will miss you I will miss you. This is not goodbye this is I’ll see you later. I love you always .

  -  8 July, 2014


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